Akaesha Designs is home of the revolutionary ReACT Animation System. Best Animations in SL. Akaesha Designs is the largest enterprise for variety of virtual goods in Second Life. One stop shop for virtual goods such as ReACT Compatible furniture, bedroom sets, bathroom sets, lounge furniture, rugs, art, home decor, shoes, skins, animations, prefab homes, HUDs and more. Akaesha Quality & Technical superiority is simply unmatched since 2007. Customer satisfaction and product quality are our top priorities. Visit our ReACT Superstore and come see for yourself!


ReACT, A plan to change the world! By combining all basic needs of the Avatar into ONE Low lag,low rendering cost product, we can help fight the lag that dominates SL, making SL a better place for residents.

Choose ReACT for your lifestyle, eradicate Poseballs, laggy menus, laggy scripts, laggy listeners and heavy rendering costs! Latest HUD includes more male & female walks, 2 new mocap dances, some performance enhancements and adjusted the dynamic menus to be compatible with ReACT Generation V items.

ReACT HUD 5.2 is here and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Assassin's Grid

This is the latest happening, thrilling and dangerous Grid-Wide FREE Multi-Player-Online game playable anywhere in SL. No Build or Combat Sim is required. Join the thrill, many other residents are experiencing right now! Heart stopping combat, Crafting, Bounty hunting, buying selling and trading. Live your life as a fearsome fighter, a bounty hunter or a mogul with a vast trading empire or hunt down vicious bosses.

If you like exploring or conquering different new regions, this is the game for you. Make it count!
Join for FREE Today!

Bands of Cypher

Bands of Cypher is a game that aims at adding a fun aspect to owning a pet in Second Life. The game itself has a mysterious puzzle element to it. We all love good puzzles and we all love pets! Let's put them together and create something more wonderful than ever before.

Bands of Cypher features a beautiful creature called Yumi. They reside in another dimension parallel to ours. Discover various rare traits such as rare skin coats, eyes, hair, fluorescence, wings, wing colors and genetic bio luminescence!

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