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Q. What is Second Life?
Second Life is a virtual world. All content is created by its residents. For more information visit

Q. What are virtual goods?
Virtual goods are contents created for use in virtual worlds.

Q. Where are the instructions for my equipment?
Instructions can be obtained at any time by clicking the Help button in the Main Menu of the Legacy equipment or viewing the Notecard included in the purchase box.

Q. I purchased an item, but I can't find it in my inventory.
Try searching for "Akaesha" in the inventory search. If you cannot find the product, try clearing your cache by following these instructions
Step 1. Select Preferences from the top of the screen inside Second Life Viewer.
Step 2. Click the Advanced tab.
Step 3. Click Clear Cache button.
Step 4. Exit Second Life and log back in.

Q. How long does it normally take to get a response to my ticket?
Between 24-48 hours.

Q. I still can't find the item I purchased.
Please create a support ticket on our web site by clicking "Customer Support" link to the left. Provide your transaction id # and mention approximate date and time of purchase. We will investigate the issue and provide a replacement if needed.

Q. I cannot rez the item.
This could be for several reasons. Mainly, network lag, not enough prims on the land, or no build rights. Sometimes an item could be missing from the database. Please visit Second Life's blog to check the current status of the grid. If you receive this error, please make a ticket on our web site.

Q. Does Akaesha Designs allow refunds?
We do not allow refunds. However, we may provide store credit under certain circumstances. Please make a ticket on our web site in Customer Support with the ticket type of "Item Exchange/Store Credit".

Q. Can I transfer my items to an alt/friend?
Yes, you are allowed one transfer for no copy items, however you must return your original items before we can transfer the items to your alt or friend. If you plan to delete your account, please let us know in advance.

Q. My ReACT furniture is not working.
STEP 1: Wear ReACT HUD. You can obtain an HUD by touching the ReACT furniture.
STEP 2: Set your BLUE or PINK role - Choose your Role for using the ReACT item (click the colored BLUE or PINK dot in Settings menu)
STEP 3: Right-click the ReACT Compatible item and choose "ReACT". Have you partner do the same and they will be able to interact with you through their ReACT HUD.

Q. My Legacy furniture is not working.
Sometimes a menu may not appear due to lag or due to permissions set on the object. If the menu shows up, but there are no poseballs, go to Options -> START. Most problems can be resolved by reading the notecard that is obtained from clicking Help in the Main Menu of the item. If the item still doesn't work, please provide specific details about the problem through the Customer Support web site section with ticket type "Report Problem/Bug".

Q. I'm clicking the furniture and not getting a menu.
If you are on group owned land, check if the furniture is set to the group on the land. Also make sure the land allows scripts. You can contact your land owner for more information. NOTE: If you are using a ReACT item, you will need to first wear the ReACT HUD, then right-click -> ReACT on the item.

Q. I would like to request a feature/custom request.
Please create a ticket, in our Customer Support section, with ticket type "Feature/Custom Request".

Q. Does Akaesha Designs have a reseller program?
We do not allow reselling of any of our products with or without consent.

Q. What are the shortcut keys to use for Legacy furniture if I am using a MAC?
Please visit MAC Support for MAC shortcuts.

Q. What is the policy for harassment/content theft?
Abusers are frequently reported to Linden Labs. If you have been harassed in our store, please make an abuse request to Linden Labs, from inside Second Life, by clicking Help -> Abuse Report. We take content theft very seriously and our property is monitored for content theft. VIOLATORS WILL BE LEGALLY PROSECUTED.

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